Beauties of the Wachau

Your journey through the Wachau begins in Göttweig, the masterpiece of Austrian baroque, which offers a beautiful view of the landscape of Wachau valley and the river Danube thanks to its location. During the guided tour you will see among other things the calvary, abbey church, crypt and cloisters. Subsequently you will head to the city of Krems, the capital of apricots, where you will enjoy a walk in the pedestrian zone in the old part of the town. Here you will have enough free time to taste the apricot liqueur or Green Veltline wine. The journey will then continue to Dürnstein, the most famous wine village of the Wachau Valley. After a walk around the town you may admire the famous monastery. Afterwards you will return back to the ship.

Duration: about 4 hours, walking.


Wachau and Melk

You will be transported by bus to Krems, Austria’s capital of apricots. A beautiful pedestrian zone in the old town will invite you for a walk with short free time. You can also try brandy and one of the most famous Wachau wines. After a short ride you will arrive to Dürnstein, where you will see a famous monastery. Wachau region extends from Krems to Melk. You will continue along the river Danube about 30 km, to sight the church and the monastery of Melk. The visit of the baroque city is the peak point of this excursion. You will visit the Marble Hall, the church and the world famous library containing over 80,000 volumes and stunning ceiling paintings. From the terrace you are going to have an impressive view of the valley of the river Danube. In the spare time you can visit the garden. The bus will then take you back to the ship.

Duration: 5 hours, short walks, several steps in the center.


Visit the town of Krems

Krems is situated on the edge of the Wachau Valley and is famous for its wine and apricots, thus deserve the name "Capital of apricots." From the pier you will start your tour and visit the main attractions such as the town’s symbol Steinertor, Dominican Convent, the parish church of St. Vitus, the main market of the old castle and the picturesque town.

Duration: about 1.5 hours on foot.


Krems - Wachau Wine Centre

The trip starts with a short bus ride to the old town of Krems on the lower end of the Wachau Wine Region. During a short guided tour you will explore the main sights of one of the most important historic cities in Austria. The wanderings in the pedestrian zone will certainly charm you.

A wine experience for all senses is offered by the "Winzer Krems Sandgrube 13" in the middle of vineyards on the southern and eastern periphery of the town. During the interpretation in the Krems wine cellar you may learn more about the modesty of growing and ripening grapes for wine, which is very unique in the Wachau area. After the tour and wine tasting you will return to the ship by bus.

Duration about 3.5 hours, a short walk, some floors are underground, warmer clothing is recommended;


World wine Kamp and Krems

After a short bus ride you will find yourself in a nice city Langenlois, Austria’s capital of wines. In Loisium, the local world of wine experience, you can dive into the fascinating underground world of wine, which exists since the 10th century. A personal guide to the wine cellars will entertain you with some funny stories from today and inform you about the traditional lifestyle of the Austrian wine growers and local myths and legends. During the wine gustation you can taste the wine of the month. Of course, the best years of the famous Lower Austrian winemakers have led to the setting of retail prices. The journey continues to the old town of Krems on the lower end of the Wachau wine region. During a short walk with a guide you will explore the main sights one of the most significant historic cities in Austria. During the free time you will be charmed by the atmosphere of the pedestrian zone.

Duration: about 3.5 hours, a short walk, wheelchair access to wineries, outdoor clothing is recommended;


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